Revenue Forecasts

What are Revenue Forecasts?

Revenue forecasts are estimates of your space's revenue over the next 12 months based on the contracts you have in Nexudus.  groups your revenue from plans by billing date. You can also apply filters to your forecast to include free and one-off items. 

  Your revenue forecast is an estimate updated in real-time based on contract cancellations and new signups.

Accessing Revenue Forecasts

Your can access your general revenue forecast page by clicking Finance > Revenue Forecast on the Administrator Panel.


Your general revenue forecast groups all the contracts expected to renew over the next 12 months by billing date. The forecast is generated based on contract invoice periods and planned cancellations. 



You can also access more details for each billing date on the forecast page. 



Click the arrow icon under the TEAM column to see the team names. 


Click the arrow icon under the CUSTOMER column once to see the customer names and plans. Click the arrow icon a second time if you want to access the customer's individual revenue forecast. 


Alternatively, you can access any customer's revenue forecast directly from their record. All you need to do is click the Contracts tab and then Forecast


Forecast section in a customer's record

Filtering You Revenue Forecast

Your general revenue forecast includes contracts by default. You can also apply up to three filters to your revenue forecasts to display more information. 



Number Filter Name Filter Description
1 Include additional one-off charges

This filter adds one-off product purchases and deposits to your forecast page.  

It also adds one-off items to your export file.

2 Include free items

This filter adds free plans and products to your forecast page.

It also adds free items to your export file.

3 Show individual items

This filter displays customer and plan names on your forecast page.

These details are always included in your export file, even when if don't apply the filter.


Exporting Your Revenue Forecast

You can export your revenue forecast for the next 12 months from the Administrator Panel. The filters you select on your Revenue Forecast page also apply to your revenue forecast file. 

  1. Click Finance > Revenue Forecasts.
  2. Apply the necessary filters. 
  3. Click Export

The export only take a few seconds and you can find your forecast XLS file in the Downloads folder of your device.

The export file includes the following data: 

  • Billing Date
  • Customer
    • names
    • IDs
    • teams
  • Sales Item
    • names
    • types (contract, recurring product, one-off charge, plan component)
    • invoice periods
    • total values


Example of a revenue forecast export file

 Your export file isn't updated based on new signups and cancellations. 


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