Humly Room Displays are elegant and sustainable displays that let your customers know when a resource is booked and guide them to the next available resource in your space. Humly's streamlined displays can be linked to any Nexudus resource. The displays are updated in real-time as new bookings and check-ins are added in Nexudus. 

The chart below details how information is shared between Humly and Nexudus. 


What You Need to Integrate Humly 

  • A Humly Account 
    If you haven't opened a Humly account yet, you can find a reseller near you on their website
  • One or several Humly Room Displays 
    You can complete the first two step of the integration process before receiving your displays. Once you receive and install the displays in your space, you can move to the third step of the integration. 
  • Two admin users with API access dedicated to the Humly integration in Nexudus 
    The first admin user is used to connect Humly to Nexudus and the second admin user is used to log in to your Humly account. For more details on how to create admin users, check out our article on  Managing standard and admin users

Integrating Humly 

The integration with Humly is a three-step process: 

  1. Connecting Your Nexudus Account to Humly 
  2. Setting up Your Humly Room Displays
  3. Connecting Humly Room Displays to Nexudus Resources 

Step 1. Connecting Your Nexudus Account to Humly

  1. Open the cloud link you've received from Humly in your browser. 
  2. Select Nexudus from the dropdown list and click Next


  3. Add the email address and password of the admin user you've created for the Humly integration in the Nexudus Server Admin Account and Password fields.


  4. Add the email address of the admin user you've created to send and receive notifications in the Nexudus Coworker Service Account field. 


  5. Click Next twice. 
  6. Define a pairing key and click Next

    Make sure you save your pairing key somewhere. You will need it during Step 3 of the integration process and every time you want to connect a new room display.


  7.  Read the Terms of Service and click Accept


  8. Copy your password and click Finish


  9. Log in to you Humly account using the email address and the password you've copied in the previous step. 

You will be redirected to your Humly dashboard from where you can finish the default setup for your room displays. 

Step 2. Setting up Your Humly Room Displays

  1. Click Next


  2. Define the default settings for your room displays and click Next


  3. Add your space's country, city, the name of your building, the floor where your resources are and click Add.


  4. Click Import and select the Nexudus resources you want to link to room displays.


  5. Drag and drop the selected resources in the structure you created and click Finish.


You are redirected to the Rooms section of your Humly dashboard. You can control each individual display from this section. The Status column only includes grey circles because we still need to connect each individual room display to the linked Nexudus resource. 


Step 3. Connecting Your Humly Room Displays to Nexudus Resources

Once you've installed your room displays near all your connected resources following Humly's mounting instructions, the last step of the integration process is to connect your Humly Room Displays to your Nexudus resources.

To complete this step you need the pairing key you created in step 1 and access to your Humly cloud link to enable device registration. 

Enabling Device Registration

  1. Access the cloud link provided by Humly from any browser and log in to your account. 
  2. Click Settings


  3. Scroll down to the Device Registration section and select a duration. 

    The duration defines for how much time you'll be able to register new Humly devices.  

  4. Click Start Registration

The countdown starts immediately and you can extend it as needed by clicking Restart

Connecting Room Displays to Nexudus Resources

  1. Turn on your Humly room display.
  2. Tap Continue. 


  3. Tap Cloud Mode. 


  4. Enter your Humly customer number and tap Connect. 
    You can find your customer at the beginning of your cloud link URL. 


  5. Enter the pairing key you've saved during step 1 and tap Connect. 


  6. Select your space from the list. 
  7. Select your resource from the list.

Your Humly display is now connected to your Nexudus resource. It will display any ongoing booking along with upcoming bookings. 

FAQ - Humly

Can my customers book a resource using our Humly room displays? 

No, the integration currently doesn't allow bookings made on Humly room displays to be transferred to Nexudus. 

How quickly are new Nexudus bookings shown on Humly room displays? 

The displays are updated every 60 seconds to display any new Nexudus booking in real-time. 


Why do I need to create two Nexudus admin users to integrate Humly? 

Dedicating admin users to your integrations ensures the connection between Nexudus and Humly is maintained and you don't need to go through the integration process a second or third time. If you used your own admin account, any password reset or edits to your user rights would automatically disconnect Nexudus and Humly and require you to reconnect both platforms. 


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