Setting up NexKiosk

You can set up NexKiosk in two simple steps:

  1. Enabling the Use of NexKiosk in Nexudus
  2. Setting up NexKiosk on Your Tablet

 Enabling the use of the app adds a fixed £/$/€100 charge to your Nexudus subscription and an additional £/$/€25 charge per location where the use of the app is enabled. 

Enabling NexKiosk in Nexudus

The first step of the setup is enabling the use of the NexKiosk app from the Administrator Panel. 

  1. Click Settings > Apps > NexKiosk
  2. Set the Enable NexKIOSK toggle to YES.
  3. Click Save Changes

You can also set the Disable the option for customers to add products to their next bill toggle to YES if you want your customers to pay upfront for their purchases in Kiosk mode.


If you choose to disable deferred payment for customers in Kiosk mode, you'll need to enable iZettle as a payment method from the settings page in NexKiosk. 

For more details on iZettle, check out our article on Managing Payment Methods in NexKiosk.

Setting up NexKiosk on Your Tablet

Once you've enabled the use of NexKiosk in Nexudus, you can set up the app on your tablet. 

  You need a full unrestricted administrator account in Nexudus to set up NexKiosk.

  1. Download the NexKiosk app on your iOS or Android tablet. 
  2. Open the app.
  3. Log in using your Nexudus administrator email and password.


  4. Select your space from the list of locations.

  5. Tap Epos mode.

You now have access to the Epos mode of NexKiosk. This mode is dedicated to administrators and lets you check out customers, process their payments, manage their invoices, and manage the settings of the app. 
To access all the features and settings of Epos mode, tap the menu icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. 

NexKiosk menu in Epos mode


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