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Find answer to frequently asked questions about version 4 of the Members Portal. 

When will Version 4 of the Members Portal be available?

Version 4 of the Members Portal is officially released on April 22, 2021.

Can anyone upgrade to Version 4? 

Any Nexudus customer can upgrade to version 4 from any of our previous Members Portal versions. 

Do I have to pay for the upgrade to Version 4?

No, upgrading to version 4 is completely free!   

Can I test Version 4 before upgrading? 

Of course! Reach out to our support team at support@nexudus.com and we'll create a test version of your Members Portal for you. This will allow you to see version 4 in action with your own setup. This test version won't replace your current member’s portal until you decide to upgrade.

How do I upgrade to Version 4? 

If your Members Portal isn't customized, you will automatically be upgraded to version 4 on June 1, 2021.
You can also upgrade to version 4 sooner by getting in touch with our support team at support@nexudus.com. Just make sure you specify which locations you want to upgrade and our team will be happy to help you switch to version 4. 

If your Members Portal is customized, you won’t be upgraded to version 4 until you reach out to our support team at support@nexudus.com and ask to upgrade one or several of your locations to version 4. 

What is considered customization?

Customization includes any changes to the code of your Members Portal's template files.

If you only changed the look and feel of your Members Portal through the Website Settings page, your Portal isn't considered customized and your settings will still apply in version 4.

Edited email templates also aren't considered as customization and will still apply once you upgrade to version 4. 

Does upgrading to Version 4 erase my customization?

Unfortunately, upgrading to version 4 from any previous version erases any customization of your Members Portal. 

While we understand the challenges that can come with repeating the customization process of your Members Portal, we recommend you upgrade to version 4 to enjoy our latest releases:

  • Faster navigation between the Portal sections and shorter loading times
  • New dashboards for members and teams to stay on top of their upcoming bookings, events, and payments
  • A brand new Courses section to offer training and learning courses to your customers
  • Dedicated sections to manage visitors and deliveries
  • Dedicated section for FAQs, discounts, and perks
  • A new shopping and check-out experience that simplify joining plans, making bookings, and buying products
  • An improved floor plan view to book desks and meeting rooms
  • A new Google calendar integration that allow customers to visualize and make bookings from their own calendar
  • Improved discussion boards and messaging features

What if I don't want to upgrade to Version 4?

If you customized your Members Portal you will remain on your current version until your request the upgrade. 

If you didn't customize your Members Portal and you don't want to upgrade, reach out to our support team at support@nexudus.com 


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