Editing Language Tokens

Editing language tokens is a quick and easy way to tweak some words or sentences of your Members Portal without having to translate the entire website.

This is especially handy if you're located in a region that speaks a different dialect or if you want the Members Portal to reflect your brand tone. 

For example, you can edit some words and sentences to match Canadian French spelling. You could also change the term bookings to reservations

Editing language tokens only affects the locations where you edit them. 

Step 1. Finding Your Language Tokens

Before you start, make sure you know exactly what you want to change on your Members Portal. Go to the portal and list all the terms you want to change, paying special attention to spelling and case. Once you've listed all the terms, go to the Administrator Panel. 

  1. Click Settings > Website > Languages

  2. Select your language from the dropdown menu.

    Your tokens list for the language should automatically appear. 

    The address should look like this: yourcompany.spaces.nexudus.com 

  3. Add one of the following suffixes after the address, depending on the language you want to edit:

    English - /locales/en/translation.json
    French - /locales/fr/translation.json
    Italian - /locales/it/translation.json
    German - /locales/de/translation.json
    Portuguese - /locales/pt/translation.json
    Spanish - /locales/es/translation.json

    Your address should now look similar to this: yourcompany.spaces.nexudus.com/locales/es/translation.json

  4. Press Enter
    You are redirected to a page that includes all the language tokens of your Members Portal. 


  5. Press Control+F or Command+F.

  6. Type the first word you want to change in the text field that pops up in the top right corner of your browser tab. 

    The words that match are highlighted in yellow. You may need to go through a certain number of matches to find your word or sentence. 

  7. Once you've found your text, copy the element before the colon without the quotation marks.  

    For example, you would only copy the blue text in bold from the following language tokens:
    "{{count}} like": "{{count}} me gusta",
    "All members": "Tous les membres",

You've successfully found and copied your language token. Repeat the process for every language token you want to edit. Once you've copied and saved all your language tokens, you can go back to the Admin Panel and move to step 2. 

Step 2. Editing Your Language Tokens 

  1. Click Settings > Website > Languages

  2. Select your language from the drop-down menu. 

  3. Add your first language token in the filter bar and press Enter

  4. Add your own translation in the Translate As field. 

    If your language token includes dynamic tokens in double curly braces, leave them as they are in your translation. 


  5.  Click Save

You've successfully edited a language token. You can repeat the process for every other language token you want to edit.   
You can make sure your language tokens are displayed properly on your Members Portal in the relevant language. 

 Your browser default language defines the language of the Members Portal.

Make sure your browser language is set to the Members Portal language you want to see displayed.

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