Learn more about iBeacon and how to set them up in Nexudus.

What Is iBeacon?

iBeacon is a Bluetooth communication protocol that enables smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to trigger actions when they get in close proximity to a beacon that transmits iBeacon. 

How iBeacon Works

You purchase and configure beacons to trigger a specific action in Nexudus. Once you've configured the beacon and placed it in your space, it consistently beams out a Bluetooth signal. The configured action is automatomatically triggered in Nexudus when a customer using the Passport app approaches the beacon. 

You can trigger check-ins or resource bookings with iBeacon.

Interested in an alternative with more triggers options that you can set up in just a few clicks?

Consider using Nexudus Automation Tiles instead of iBeacon.

What You Need to Use iBeacon

  • Programmable iBeacon beacons
    You can use any programmable iBeacon beacon, regardless of brand. They are widely available online at varying price points. 

  • A configuration app to program the iBeacon beacons
    There is a wide array of mobile apps available to configure beacons. Your beacon manufacturer will usually provide their own configuration app or recommend compatible apps.

Configuring Your iBeacon Beacons

The way you access your beacon configuration settings will depend on the manufacturer. You should be able to find that information in your beacon's user guide. 

Once you've reached the configuration settings of your beacon, you need to enter the following details to configure the beacon: 


UUID 790f084c-d069-4a20-8f16-04eea47f4ea2
Major Your iBeacon minor and major can be found in your Nexudus account at the bottom of the NexIO settings page.
Power 128
Broadcast 10


Resource Booking

UUID 10a6426e-c446-4adf-a3f6-e3bc0b67bdfe
Major Your iBeacon minor and major can be found in your Nexudus account at the bottom of the NexIO settings page.
Power  128
Broadcast  10


Testing Your Beacons

Once you've configured your beacons, we recommend you test them to make sure they work properly. All you need to do is hold a mobile device using the Passport app near the beacons to see if check-in or resource booking are triggered. 

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