Splitting Tax Rates on Invoices

Learn how to split tax rates on invoices in Nexudus. 

The PDF invoices you download from Nexudus include a single tax rate total by default. If your space is located in a country where splitting tax rates on invoices is a legal requirement, you can edit your invoice template in Nexudus to comply with local regulations. 

Editing the template divides the total tax rate defined in your Nexudus account into two tax rates of equal value named Central Tax and State Tax.

  Split tax rates are only displayed on PDF invoices.

For example, if you have 20% tax rate defined in your Nexudus account, invoices downloaded in PDF will include a Central Tax of 10% and a State Tax of 10%. 


PDF invoice generated using the custom invoice template

Here's how to edit your invoice template in Nexudus:

  1. If the side menu isn't visible, click  
  2. Click Settings > Website > Templates.
  3. Click Edit Template Files
  4. Click the Common Files folder and then click the invoice.htm file.
  5. Remove all the code from the file. 
  6. Click Split Tax Total Invoice Template.txt or click the attachment at the bottom of this article to download the template. 
  7. Open the template file on your device and copy the template code.
    Make sure you copy the code in its entirety.
  8. Paste the template code in the invoices.htm file. 
  9. Click Save in the top right corner of the page.

You can make sure your customised invoice template works properly by downloading any invoice from the Administrator Panel.

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