What are Document Templates?

Learn more about document templates in Nexudus.

Document templates are simply documents with dynamic fields that you can send customers along with proposals.

Instead of manually editing documents such as contracts to include customer details, document templates let you automate the process. The dynamic fields in the templates automatically pull data from your Nexudus account and include the relevant details in the output document.

For example, you can set up a standard contract for private offices that includes dynamic fields such as the member's name, the contract start date, the plan's name, and the plan's price. 

Every time you send the contract to a new customer, the relevant details will automatically populate the dynamic fields in the output document. 

The following articles will help you create and manage documents templates in Nexudus: 

Document Templates Output Formats

Document templates can be created in the following formats:

  • HTML
  • PDF
  • RTF 

You have the choice between uploading a ready-made template or creating your template from scratch in Nexudus.

Document Templates Editor 

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