Adding Course Groups

Learn how to add course groups in Nexudus. 

As you expand your courses offer in Nexudus, you have the option to add course groups that act as categories. Course groups keep your courses list tidy in the Administrator Panel and helps your customers filter through your course offer on the Members Portal.

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .
  2. Click Community > Courses
  3. Enter the name of your course group in the empty field at the bottom of the page. 


  4. Click Add New Group


Your new course group now appears on the Courses page. All you need to do is click the icon next to the courses you want to move and drag the courses in the relevant course group.


Example of a new course group

  If you don't add any course to the new course group, it will automatically be deleted when you leave the Courses page.

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