Reminders Overview

Learn more about reminders in Nexudus. 

Reminders are automated messages Nexudus sends to your customers when a certain condition is met. This automation can help you streamline your operations and communicate more effectively with your customers. Reminders work with three main elements:

The message template that is included in the reminder that your customers receive.

The trigger is a condition that needs to be met for the reminder to be sent to your customers.

The customer subset is the selection of customers you want to receive the reminder. 

Reminder Common Scenarios 

Reminders can be used to automate a wide range of messages. Here are some examples to give you an idea 

  • Reminding members that their contract is ending in a few days and encourage them to sign up to a new plan.
  • Letting your customers know that your space will be closing or remain open for the holidays. 
  • Congratulate your members when they've been signed up to a plan for an entire year.
  • Offering a discount to customers who haven't booked in a few months to encourage them to start booking again.

Reminder Messages

Reminders include what we call a canned message. Canned messages are simply message macros you create in the Administrator Panel and then use in reminders. Message macros act as templates that you can customise with message tokens. 

Learn how to create message macros with our article on message macros.

Reminder Triggers 

Reminders have a set list of triggers you can choose from. The triggers currently available are:

At a fixed date
  • A number of days after member/contact signs up
  • A number of days after member plan is renewed
  • A number of days before member plan is renewed
  • On the day of the member/contact birthday
  • A number of days before member plan is cancelled
  • After a booking ends
  • A number of days after the user accessed (via web or check-in)
  • After a product is purchased
  • A number of days after an invoice is due
  • The first time someone checks in
  • When someone submits a registration form
  • A number of days before the contract term ends
  • When customer has booked more than 10 bookings in the last 6 months but none in the last month
  • When customer books regularly (more than 4 bookings in the last 4 weeks, at least one in the last 7 days)
  • When a regular booker stops booking (more than 10 bookings but none in the last 6 months)
  • When a customer booked once but not again in the last month
  • When the first invoice is paid
  • Days before Contract starts
  • A number of days after a delivery was received, but not collected
  • A number of days after the first contract starts

Reminder Customer Subsets

Reminders are sent to a customer subset you define when creating the reminders. Reminders can be sent to: 

  • An individual customer
  • Members signed up to specific plans 
  • All members 
  • All contacts 
  • All customers

Reminder Limitations

Reminders have to be defined per location. If you manage a network and want to use the same reminders across all locations, you'll need to set up the same reminder in each individual location. 

If you set up a reminder in your network location, this reminder will only apply to the network location. 


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