Reminders Details

Learn more about the details of reminders in Nexudus. 

Reminders are created and edited in the Reminders page of the Administrator Portal. The table below breaks down each field you can find in every reminder record in Nexudus. 


Number Field Name Field Description


Defines the name of the reminder in the Administrator Panel. It isn't visible to customers. 


Defines the location where the reminder applies. Reminders only apply to the location where they are defined. 

If you want to apply the same reminders to a network, you'll need to repeat the same reminder setup process for each individual location in the network.


When to show the reminder?

The condition that triggers the reminder when it is met. This list is set and you cannot add custom triggers to reminders. 

The triggers currently available are:

  • At a fixed date
  • A number of days after member/contact signs up
  • A number of days after member plan is renewed
  • A number of days before member plan is renewed
  • On the day of the member/contact birthday
  • A number of days before member plan is cancelled
  • After a booking ends
  • A number of days after the user accessed (via web or check-in)
  • After a product is purchased
  • A number of days after an invoice is due
  • The first time someone checks in
  • When someone submits a registration form
  • A number of days before the contract term ends
  • When customer has booked more than 10 bookings in the last 6 months but none in the last month
  • When customer books regularly (more than 4 bookings in the last 4 weeks, at least one in the last 7 days)
  • When a regular booker stops booking (more than 10 bookings but none in the last 6 months)
  • When a customer booked once but not again in the last month
  • When the first invoice is paid
  • Days before Contract starts
  • A number of days after a delivery was received, but not collected
  • A number of days after the first contract starts



How to send the reminder?

The message customers will receive in their reminder. 

You have two option to choose from: 

  • Send a canned message

This lets you select a message macro that you've defined in Nexudus. Canned messages are customisable and can include dynamic message tokens.

  • Send an email

This will send an automated email notification from Nexudus. You cannot edit this email notification and the only information in the reminder will be the name of the reminder. 



Message Macro 

Defines which message macro should be included in the reminder. 

You need to create the message macro prior to being able to use it in reminders. 


Which type of customer should trigger the reminder?

Defines the customer subset that should receive the reminder. 

You can choose from the following options:

  • An individual customer
  • Members signed up to specific plans 
  • All members 
  • All contacts 
  • All customers

Who should receive this reminder?

Defines whether the reminder should be sent to the customer email address or an alternative email address.  

If plan on sending the reminder to more than one customer, do not select the specific email address option. This would send the reminder to this email address only. 


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