Learn how to activate the Tapirx add-on in Nexudus. 

Tapirx is an office management device and application designed to optimise your bookings management.


Tapirx device

Tapirx devices are connected to Nexudus resources and display information such as each resource's name along with the current and upcoming bookings of the resources. 

You customers can see on the device if the resource is available and book the resource by scanning the QR code displayed on the Tapirx device.

Requirements to Activate the Tapirx Add-on

You need an active Tapirx account and at least one Tapirx device to activate the add-on in Nexudus. 

If you don't have a Tapirx account yet, we recommend you get in touch with the Tapirx team via their contact form. They will help you open your account and show you how to set up the devices in your space. 

You also need to create resources in your Tapirx account that match the resources you have in your Nexudus account. For more information on how to set up resources in your Tapirx account, check out their installation guide.

Step 1. Activating the Tapirx Add-on

Once you've opened your Tapirx account and your resources are set up, you can activate the add-on in Nexudus.

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .
  2. Click Settings > Add-ons
  3. Click Activate on the Tapirx tile.


    You'll be redirected to an access request page.

  4. Click Yes, please run Tapirx


    You'll be redirected to the Tapirx Sign in page.

  5. Enter your Tapirx credentials and click Login.


  6. Click Back


You'll be redirected to your Tapirx account.

Step 2. Connecting Tapirx Resources to Nexudus Resources

Once you've activated the Tapirx add-on in Nexudus, you can connect your Tapirx resources to your resources in Nexudus. 

  1. Log in to https://www.tapirx.com/user/login with your Tapirx credentials.
  2. Click Resources in the Client Admin tab.

  3. Click Menu


  4. Click Nexudus Resource.
  5. Click Select Resource.


  6. Select the corresponding Nexudus resource from the dropdown list and click Connect


  7. Click Close


Repeat the process for every Tapirx resource you want to connect to Nexudus.

Your resources in Nexudus are now connected to Tapirx. All bookings made in Nexudus will be synchronized on the corresponding Tapirx devices. 

Booking a Resource Using Tapirx

Once you've linked your Nexudus resources to their corresponding Tapirx resources, your customers can start booking using their mobile devices. 

  1. Open your mobile device's camera or a QR code scanner app.
  2. Point your device's camera to the QR code in the bottom left corner of the Tapirx device. 


    You'll be redirected to the Bookings Calendar on the Members Portal to make your booking. 

Once you've booked the resource, your booking is recorded in your Nexudus account and displayed on the Tapirx device.

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