Limiting Visitor Registration

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You may want to limit how many visitors your customers invite to your space. Nexudus lets you control how many visitors members can register. You can also simply remove the option from the Members Portal if you don't want to allow visitors.

Limiting Visitors through Plans

Plans limits can help your control how many visitors members can welcome in your space during a given amount of time. The visitor limits can be different for every plan and adapt to the different types of membership you offer in your space.

For example, members signed up to monthly plans can have a limit of 2 visitors per week, while members signed up to yearly plans can have a limit of 15 visitors per month. 

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .
  2. Click Inventory > Plans
  3. Click on a plan. 
  4. Click the Limits tab and scroll down to the the Visitors Limits section.
  5. Enter a visitor limit.  
    You can set up a monthly, weekly or daily limit. You should only add one limit per plan. 


  6. Click Save Changes

You've successfully set a visitor limit for that plan. Repeat the process for all the plans you want to limit. 

  Bear in mind that visitor limits are hard limits, meaning they can't be overruled unless you remove them from the plan's record.

Disabling Visitor Registration on the Members Portal

You can also simply disable the option to register new visitors through the Members Portal. Disabling this option won't prevent customers from adding attendees to bookings. You'll also still be able to add visitors from the Administrator Panel.

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .
  2. Click Settings > Website > Features.
  3. Drag the Enable Visitor Registration forms toggle to NO


  4. Click Save Changes.

The option is now disabled and customers won't be able to register new visitors form their account on the Members Portal. 

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