Visitors Overview

Learn more about visitors in Nexudus. 

Visitors are individuals who aren't currently members or contacts in Nexudus. They are registered to visit your space on a one-off basis. Their visits are always scheduled and they're allowed to access your space either through you or one of your customers.

Adding Visitors 

You can add visitors through the Administrator Panel. Your customers can add visitors through their account on the Members Portal. Visitors can also register themselves if your space uses NexIO. Both customers and administrators can add visitors to specific bookings as well.

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Checking in Visitors

Visitors can check themselves in using NexIO. You can also check them in from the Administrator Panel. 

Every visitor added in Nexudus has a name and email address. Visitors are also always linked to a contact, a member or an administrator who are notified when their visitors check in.

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Visitor Notifications 

Nexudus automatically sends notifications to visitors when they are registered. Your customers also receive a notification when their visitors check in. For more information, check out our article on visitor notifications.

Visitor Limitations

Nexudus lets you limit the number of visitors your members can invite through plan limits. You can also choose to remove the option to add visitors from the Members portal through the Settings section. 

Learn how to limit visitor registration with our article on limiting visitor registration

  Visitors are never granted door access through access control integrations. Since they aren't added to access groups, they won't be able to unlock doors without a customer or an administrator who has door access.

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