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Nexudus Connect is a network integration in partnership with Isofy. It offers the same benefits and features in Nexudus as a RADIUS or MikroTik network without the hassle of installing the necessary hardware and setting up the network yourself. Isofy also provides network support to troubleshoot any issue you may have. 

Requirement to Integrate Nexudus Connect 

Your space has to be located in North America (US and Canada) to use this integration.

You also need to open an account with Isofy prior to enabling the integration in Nexudus. You can get in touch with the Isofy team via their contact form. They will help you open your account, install the hardware in your space, and set up the network for you. 

Make sure you mention that you want to use the network with Nexudus when opening your account. You will need your Isofy license key to complete the integration in Nexudus. 

Integrating Nexudus Connect

  1. Log in to your Nexudus account if you aren't already logged in.
  2. Go to Settings > Integrations.
  3. Scroll down to the Wi-Fi Network / Check-in section and click the Nexudus Connect tile.


  4. Set the Enable toggle to YES.
  5. Add your Isofy license key in the License key field.
  6. Click Save changes

You've completed the Nexudus Connect integration and the tile should now appear at the top of the page in the Active Integrations section. 


Enabled Nexudus Connect integration

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