Adding Course Sections

Learn how to add course sections in Nexudus.

Course sections are the second step to building your courses. Sections help you segment the course and organise lessons. 

 If you haven't created a course structure yet, make sure to create a course before following this tutorial.

Course sections have an array of settings and options that help you customise your learning offer. This tutorial shows you how to add a course section that is available to all course members. 

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .
  2. Click Community > Courses
  3. Click the course you want to edit. 
  4. Click the Course Lessons tab. 
  5. Click Add Course Section
  6. Add your course section's name in the Name field. 


  7. Set the Active toggle to YES


  8. Add a short description of the section's goals and lessons in the Content field. 


  9. Select an option from the Lesson Unlock Type dropdown list.


    means the section will be available to course members at all times. 
    Sequential means the section will become available to course members once they finish the previous section. 
    Timed means the section will become available to course members a given number of days after they start the course. 
  10.  Click Upload Image and select an image from your device if you want to add an image to the section.

    mceclip5.png For more information on the recommended dimensions, check out our article Recommended Dimensions for Members Portal Images.
  11. Click Save

You've successfully created a course section in your course. You can repeat the process and add as many sections as needed. 

Once you've created your sections you can move to the next steps to build your course:

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