Creating Courses

Learn how to create courses in Nexudus. 

Creating a course structure is the first step when building courses in Nexudus. You can think of the course structure as a frame that holds your course sections and lessons together. It is also the first thing your customers will see when they visit the Courses page on the Members Portal.

Courses have an array of settings and options that help you customise your learning offer. This tutorial shows you how to create a simple course available to all your customers with access to your Members Portal. 

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .
  2. Click Community > Courses
  3. Click Add Course
  4. Add your course's name in the Name field. 
  5. Select your space from the Location dropdown list. 
  6. Select a user from the Host dropdown list. 
    This host can be a customer or an administrator with a customer account. 


  7. Set the Active toggle to YES and select Hidden from the Visibility dropdown list. 


    This ensures the course won't be visible on the Members Portal until you are done adding the different sections and lessons. 
  8. Add a few lines about your course in the Summary field. 
  9. Add a description of your course in the Description field.


  10. Add any type of content you want to the Content field. 
    This field can include text, videos, images, code snippets, links, and files. 
  11. Set the Show overview to user who have not yet joined this course toggle to YES.
  12. Set the Create a community board group for members of this course to YES if you want members of this course to be able to create discussion boards among themselves. 


  13. Click Upload Image and select images from your device if you want to include images in your course. 


    Large image is displayed when a customer clicks on the course and in the Courses list.
    Small image is only displayed when several courses are grouped together.
    For more information on the recommended dimensions, check out our article Recommended Dimensions for Members Portal Images
  14. Click Save

You've successfully created your course structure. You can move to the next steps to build your course: 


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