Common Data Import Issues

This article covers the common error messages you can get when your data import fails and how to fix them. If you don't find a solution to your problem, you can always reach out to our support team

Failed to build preview, please check your file matches the template

This message appears when Nexudus can't recognize the structure of your file. 




A few issues can cause this error message:

  • You uploaded your file from the wrong tab on the Imports page.
    Double check you are in the right tab on the Imports page before you try to upload your file again. For example, if you're trying to upload an Opportunities import template, make sure you're on the Opportunities tab of the Imports page.
  • You removed or edited a column header on the import template.
    Download a blank import template file and compare it to your edited import template. The column names in row 1 should be identical on both files. If they aren't, change your edited import template to match the blank import template. 
  • You didn't fill out a required column.
    Compare the dummy data of your blank import template with your edited import template. Columns that are required always have dummy data. Optional columns are left blank.
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