Changing your Members Portal Favicon (Version 3 & 4)

Learn how to change the favicon on version 2 of the members portal.

Favicons are the small images that you can see on your browser tabs. You can customize this favicon to match your logo or your branding in Nexudus.


Example of a favicon

Changing your members portal favicon is an easy two-step process on the admin portal.

Step 1. Uploading your Favicon to the Custom Files Folder 

Before you can use your can use your favicon, you need to upload it to the custom files folder of the template editor. We recommend you upload your favicon as a PNG file. 

  1. Log in to your Nexudus account if you aren't already logged in.
  2. Click Settings > Website > Templates.
  3. Click Open template files.
  4. Click Custom Files and then click Image Files


  5. Click Add new image on the top right corner of the page. 


  6. Click Upload image.
  7. Select the favicon image file on your computer and click Open.
  8. Copy the URL of your favicon and save it somewhere. You will need this URL during step 2.


  9. Click Save.

Your favicon file now appears in your custom files folder. 


Custom files folder with an uploaded favicon

Step 2. Adding your Favicon to the head.js File

Once you've uploaded your favicon, all you need to do is add a snippet of code to your head.js file in the common files folder. 

  1. Click Common Files.
  2. Click the head.js file. 
  3. Copy the following code snippet:

            "type": "link",
            "rel": "icon",
            "href": "",
            "sizes": "32x32"

    Make sure you copy every character including the square braces [ ]. 

  4. Paste the code snippet at the end of the head.js file, after the */ symbols. 


  5. Add the favicon URL you saved during step 1 between the quotation marks, after the href tag. 


    Make sure the URL is within the quotation marks.


  6. Click Save in the top right corner of the page. 

Your favicon should now appear when you open your members portal page in any browser. If you don't see your favicon, try refreshing the page. 

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