Message Board Overview

Learn more about the message board in Nexudus.

The message board is a community feature that encourages your customers to communicate on the members portal.

Your customers have access to a simplified version of the message board called the discussion board via the members portal. They can start, follow, and like conversations. They can mention other customers and receive notifications about the latest messages in their conversations. 

The message board has two main components: groups and conversations. As an administrator you have control over all conversations via the message board, including conversations started by customers. You can edit or delete any customer message or conversation.


Groups are customer subsets you define to control who can access conversations. You can only add groups from the message board. Customers only have the option to assign groups to their conversations on the members portal. 

Each group has a designated administrator who can be a customer or one of your space's admins. You can add as many customers as you want to your groups.

You need to define an access level for every group you create. There are three access levels available:
Customers who aren't part of the group can't see or contribute to its conversations.
Customers who aren't part of the group can see its conversations but they can't contribute to them.
Any customer who has access to the discussion board page can see and contribute to the group's conversations.


Conversations are simply message threads Nexudus administrators and customers can create and use.  Customers can use conversations to network, help each other out or even share content. You can edit and delete any conversation via the message board on the admin portal, including conversations started by customers. Customers can only edit and delete their own conversations and messages from the discussion board.

Conversations that aren't linked to any group are visible to all customers who can access the discussion board page by default.

Discussion Board

The discussion board is the part of the message board your customers can see and use. The discussion board can be found under the Community tab of the members portal.


Discussion board page available from the members portal

Customers can start conversations and mention each other in them. They can also like, follow and mute conversations. They can't create groups but they can assign existing groups to their conversations. The discussion board page is also connected to the directory page.


Tags help your customers find conversations relevant to them and makes it easier for them to find people with similar interests.
Customers can add tags when they start a conversation on the discussion board. You can edit these tags from the message board at any point.


Customers receive daily notifications between 8 and 10 a.m. about the latest messages sent in their conversations. They receive these notifications via email and through the Passport app if they have it on their phone.

When a customer is mentioned in a conversation, they automatically start following the conversation and are notified as new messages are added.

For more details on notifications, check out our article on managing message board notifications.

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