Perks & Discounts

Learn more about community perks and how to set them up in Nexudus.

Perks and discounts is a section of the Members Portal that lets your customers know about discounts and other perks your space offers in partnership with other businesses.

For example, you can offer your customers a free 30-day trial at a local gym or a 20% discount for a coffee subscription service. 

Adding Community Perks 

Adding community perks is a quick and easy way to let your customers know about deals and partnerships you have with other businesses.

  1. Go to Community > Perks and Discounts.
  2. Click Add a community perk.
  3. Type a name for your community perk in the Title field.
  4. Select your location from the Post at dropdown menu.
  5. Add your discount link in the URL field.
    You cannot leave this field blank. If you don't have a discount link, simply add a placeholder such as none or no url.
  6. Add a short description of your community perk article in the Summary text field.


    This summary will be displayed right under title before customers click on the article.

  7. Type your article in the Full text field. 
    This is the body of your article that customers will see once they click on the article. 
  8. Upload images if you want to include images in your article.
    For more information on the recommended dimensions, check out our article Recommended Dimensions for Members Portal Images.
  9. Set the Feature this article in the home page listings to YES if you want to promote this article on your home page.
  10. Set the Active option to YES if you want your article to immediately be visible on the members portal.
    If you leave it set on NO, it will only be visible to you and other admin users.
  11. Click Save.

You've finished adding a community perk article without discounts. Nexudus adds the article to the Other details group by default. You can then drag and drop the article in any other group you have set up in this section. 

Grouping Community Perks

You can group different community perks together from the Perks and Discounts section. 

  1. Click Community > Perks and Discounts
  2. Type your group name next to the Add new group button. This name will be displayed on the members portal. 


  3. Click Add new group

    Your new group now appears as a section in the Community Perks page. 


  4. Drag and drop the community perks you want to add to your new group. 

If you don't add any community perk to the new group, it will automatically be deleted when you leave the Community Perks page.  

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