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Migrating from Quickbooks Merchant Services to Quickbooks Payments

About QuickBooks Payments

As of November 2019, QuickBooks Merchant Services moved over to QuickBooks Payments. You will need to disable the QBMS integration from Nexudus and enable the QuickBooks integration via Settings > Payments > Payment Methods.


Setting up QuickBooks Payments

Access the Intuit developer app and create a new QuickBooks payment application

Creating a new Quickbooks payment application
Next click here, and then login to Create an App
Click on create an app

Choose QB Online and Payments, add the name for the app and click Create app.

     Choose Quickbooks Online and Payments
Name your app

Once the app is created go to My apps from the dashboard and select the created app, then go to Production Keys & OAuth section and select OAuth 2.0 Playground.


Once there select the production environment and check the Payments checkbox, then click Get authorization code (Step 1)

    Authorization Code

Once you get the authorization code, you can get the OAuth Token (Step 2)

           OAuth 2.0 Token

In step 3, select Payments again and Get tokens from Step 2.

Select payments and retrieve the tokens from step 2

Once you retrieve the tokens the system will populate the rest of the fields which you can then paste back to QuickBooks integration on Nexudus.

   Access Tokens
Quickbooks Payments Integration
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