Stripe Direct Debit

Understand and set up Stripe Direct Debit.

About Stripe Direct Debit 

Stripe Direct Debit is a direct debt solution that let you to collect larger payments from your UK customers. Unlike GoCardless, Stripe Direct Debit doesn't have transaction limits.

It is a suitable payment method if your space's invoices often exceed 5,000£ and you don't want to manually process larger customer invoices.

Like any other direct debit solution, Stripe Direct Debit requires customers to authorize the direct debit mandate. This mandate is also subject to approval from the customer's bank.

Setting up Stripe Direct Debit 

  Before you start, make sure you have:

  • A Stripe account
  • A bank account linked to your Stripe account to receive the payments
  • The public and private API keys from your Stripe account
  1. In the Nexudus platform, go to Settings > Payments > Payment methods.
  2. Click the Stripe Direct Debit tile. 
  3. Click Enable
  4. At this point, you can choose to have Stripe Direct Debit only available to members or make it available to both members and contacts. 
  5. Enter your public and private Stripe API keys in the right fields. You need to enter both API keys for the integration to work. 
  6. Click Save changes

Using Stripe Direct Debit to process customer payments

Once you've enabled the Stripe Direct Debit integration, you need to enable BACS direct debits in customer accounts. Customers will also need to enter their bank details and authorize the direct debit mandate. 

Enabling BACS payments and requesting customer direct debit mandates

  1. Go to Operations > Members & Contacts and click on a customer. 
  2. In the Account tab, click on Payments and make sure the Direct Debit option is disabled.
  3. Enable the BACS Payments (UK) option. 
  4. Click Save changes.
  5. If the customer doesn't have a direct debit mandate already set up, click Send Direct Debit sign up request.
  6. Click Continue when asked to confirm you choice. 

Bulk request customer direct debit mandates

If you're switching to Stripe Direct Debit and need to ask a large number of customers to accept direct debit mandates, Nexudus simplifies this task for you once you've enabled the Stripe Direct Debit integration. 

  1. Go to Operations > Members & Contacts
  2. Tick all the customers you want to have receive the direct debit request email notification. 
  3. Click Send Stripe Direct Debit sign up request from the Bulk Actions menu on the left.
  4. Click Continue to confirm your choice. 

No matter how you sent the request, customers will receive an email notification asking them them to  enter their bank details and accept the Stripe Direct Debit agreement. You can edit the template of the direct debit request notification via Settings > Notifications > Templates.

Once customers accept direct debits and the mandate is approved by their bank, you can start using Stripe Direct Debit to process their payments. 

  Bear in mind that new direct debit mandates take five business days to process and existing direct debit mandates take three business days. 

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