Managing Discussion Board Notifications

Learn how discussion board notifications work.


A thread is a conversation about a topic. Nexudus favours subject-based conversations over open/topic-less chat-like conversations. There is a big debate about this, but we think this creates a more organised pool of resources for current and future members and also keeps the discussions more organised, easier to search and navigate.

When a new thread is added to the discussion board, the following happens:
  • It automatically shows for everyone with access to the board. If the message was posted to a private group, only those part of the group will see it.


  • Anyone who was @mentioned in the message gets a notification to Passport (via push) and via email. For example, Tanuki was mentioned in this message and got the email below. Because Tanuki was mentioned in the message, she will automatically start following the message, which means she will also get notifications about any replies to the message. 

  • Anyone who has enabled Receive every message in their notification settings will also get a similar notification.

  • Anyone else will receive this same notification at 8 am the following day. That notification is what we call a digest and will include not only this thread but also any new threads created since the last notification.
Anyone with access to the new thread can:
  • Like it. This does not currently trigger a notification.
  • Follow it. This will mean they will get a notification for every new reply to that thread.
  • Mute it. This will mean they will stop receiving notifications about the thread, even if someone mentions them in a reply.
The poster of the thread is the only person able to delete the thread.

Message replies

Each thread can have any number of replies. Replies can also mention other people to bring them into the conversation.

When someone replies to a thread, the following happens:
  • Anyone viewing that thread gets those messages delivered instantly.


  • About 30 seconds after the last reply was posted on the thread, the poster and everyone following that thread get a summary of the recent conversations sent by email. A push notification is sent to their phone too.
  • If anyone was mentioned on the reply, that person automatically starts following the thread and will start to get these notifications, unless they mute the thread.
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