Members Portal Languages

You can translate your Nexudus Members Portal in as many languages as you want. We provide default translations for English, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese but you can also change the way those languages are translated to better fit the way you want to address your members.

You should be familiar with how to create new languages and how to add language tokens. To get a list of the default language tokens in the different languages, use the links below

Language Url




If you add any language tokens and make their name exactly the same as the default token names, it will be replaced. 

What language is being used?

Your member portal uses the user's browser configuration to figure out what language to use. If the browser language is not one of the supported ones, we will use English as default.

Using tokens in your web components

Nexudus uses i18next to inject translations into different components. The tokens URLs above will include the default translations by default when you open your Nexudus account. If you have added any language tokens, those will also be added to those files.

To use any tokens in any of the components used in the Members Portal, you will need to:

  1. Import the with translation component.
  2. Add the @withTranslation HOC. If you are using class components, you can use a decorator.
  3. Use the "t" function.



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