Resources and Floor Plans

Learn how to connect resources to floor plan items so users can book these from a floor plan view.

Resources can also be connected to items in your floor plans.

For example, a meeting room can be connected to an item on your floor plan. 

 Connecting resources that are displayed on the Members Portal to floor plan items automatically makes the floor plan available on the Members Portal.


You can connect the same resources to as many floor plan items as you want. For example, if you have 50 hot-desks, you can create a single resource and connect it to the 50 different units in your floor plan representing the location of each of your hot-desks.

When a resource is connected to one or more floor plan items, availability is controlled based on the floor plan items. For example, if you connect a resource to 5 different floor plan items, the resource will accept up to 5 simultaneous bookings.

The price and rules when booking items in the floor plan are controlled by the price and rules of the connected resource to each of those floor plan items.

Creating a floor plan and floor plan items.

  • To create a floor plan, follow the instructions we provide here.

  • Once you have created a floor plan, you can add meeting rooms, desks and offices using the instructions we provide here.

Connecting Resources and Floor Plan Items

  • To connect one or more floor plan items to a resource, you will need to make sure that resource already exists. If it doesn't, you can use the instructions we provide here.

  • Once a resource has been created, you can connect it in two different ways:


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