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Documentation for the configuration and use of the integration with invoicing platform Moloni

What is the Moloni platform?

Moloni is an invoicing platform which allows companies based in countries that follow the SAF-T international accounting norms to have their invoices formatted in a way which adheres to those norms.

Benefits of the integration

In order to make it easier to use Nexudus in these countries, we have developed an integration with Moloni, allowing invoices created within Nexudus to be easily transferred to this platform, therefore following the laws for the countries in question.

Configure the Nexudus - Moloni integration

The first step is to create an account within both platforms. After you have the necessary account information, you will have to access your Nexudus account and go to Settings > Integrations. Here you can select the Moloni option in the "Accounting Systems" section. You can then click on "Connect with Moloni".

You will be redirected to the Moloni OAuth page. Insert your Moloni account credentials here.


On the next screen you will provide us with access to your Moloni account, so that our platform can send invoices over. You will then be redirected back to Nexudus and you will see the screen below, with the "Connected" state highlighted.


  The connection with Moloni expires after 14 days if it is not in use, so if you do not transfer any invoices during two weeks you will have to reconnect the two platforms by clicking "Reconnect with Moloni".

Integration enabled and in "Connected" state

On this screen there are also two other options to configure your integration:

  • Moloni company to link with - If you have more than one location within your Nexudus account, you can link each location to a separate account within Moloni. This way you can keep your invoicing separate per location. If you only have one location, just select that one from the dropdown.

  • Initial status of transferred invoices - Two options, provisional or finalized. 

  Invoices transferred as finalized cannot be altered or removed from the Moloni platform, so we advise against utilizing this option. Provisional invoices can be altered and removed in case there are any errors, and can also be made finalized within Moloni if everything was transferred correctly, so the Provisional option is the best choice in most cases.

All data required for the invoice transfer between the two systems will be created as necessary, except Tax Rates. Tax Rates have very specific configuration within Moloni to make sure they follow the laws in the country the company is based in, therefore you will have to create them manually and make sure each Tax Rate matches a Tax Rate within your Nexudus account (both name and percentage must match).

All products in an invoice must have a Tax Rate that exists in both systems, otherwise the transfer will be rejected by Moloni. In the case of tax-free products, you must create a Tax Rate with value 0 and utilize this rate for these products.

Transferring invoices

After following the configuration instructions above you can start transferring invoices between Nexudus and Moloni. To do this, go to Finance > Invoices and select the invoices you want to transfer. On the side menu select "Transfer to Moloni". After confirming, the transfer will be initiated.

Invoice selected for transfer

Depending on the number of invoices to transfer, this operation can take up to a few minutes. If the transfer is processed successfully, when you refresh the page a new tag "IN MOLONI" will show for each of the invoices transferred successfully.. 

  The transfer between systems is not instantaneous, so you should wait at least a few seconds before refreshing the page. If you transfer several invoices in one go, these will be transferred sequentially, so not all invoices will have the tag if the page is refreshed before the end of the transfer.

Invoice transfer errors

It's possible that in attempting to transfer invoices, the "IN MOLONI" tag does not show after you refresh the page. This could mean some information on the invoice might be incorrect or incomplete. To confirm whether there has been an error, go to Settings > Users and Security > Logs. Here you will be able to see the state of each transfer for the selected invoices, and if any transfers are not successful the reason will also be shown here. In the example below one of the Tax Rates was not created correctly in both platforms before the transfer, and therefore Moloni rejected the transfer..


  Invoice transfers that produce an error will not affect the transfer of upcoming invoices within the sequence. If one invoice transfer fails, Nexudus will move on to the next selected invoice until it finishes the sequence.

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