Getting started with Nexudus Explore?

Nexudus Explore is a reporting tool that’s designed to help you analyze and understand your business information. Nexudus Explore provides powerful, built-in reports that help you to view and analyze key information about your customers, both members and contacts, their transactions and their activity in your space.

Once your report is ready, Explore helps you to save it as part of a Dashboard. Dashboards can have as many reports as you want and you can have as many dashboards as needed.


Understanding Nexudus Explore versions

Explore comes in two versions:

  • Nexudus Explore Basic: Gives you a pre-built dashboards that you can use to analyze and understand different areas of your business.
  • Explore Pro: Includes the pre-built dashboards and tools to help you design and customize your own reports. 

    Locations using Nexudus Explore Pro will get added $/£/€100/month + $/£/€25/additional location per month to their bill. You only need to enable Nexudus Explore in your top-most network location if you are running more than one site. For example, if you run a network of 3 sites, your bill will include a fee for Nexudus Explore Pro of $100 + $25x3 = $175.

    If you use and then disable Nexudus Explore Pro, bear in mind that you will still be billed for it until you delete all your dashboards. 

Activating Nexudus Explore

Before you can use Explore, you must activate it.

To activate Explore, you must be a full unrestricted administrator or have the "Settings" role. If you operate multiple locations and have a network, make sure you enable Nexudus Explore in the top-most account. You do not need to enable Explore in any other account. 

To activate Nexudus Explore, find the icon below in Settings > Integrations.


Click on the icon and enable the relevant options depending on the version of Explore you would like to use:



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