Integration with Square links Square Payments to Nexudus.


The integration with Square will enable you to automatically transfer selected products from your Nexudus inventory as well as all customers to your Square account. This means you will be able to locate all these records directly in any of the Square Apps so you can easily sell those items and locate customers.

Transactions initiated in the Square terminal and payments received via the Square Reader will automatically synchronise back to Nexudus as invoices and payments allocated to those invoices.



The Square Integrations screen provides various settings for connection to Square. Once enabled, the Integration can work with the NexEPOS app (including both EPOS and Kiosk modes), and also with the Square ePos app.

Square Integrations screen
  • Enable: Enable the Integration

  • Transfer all customers: optionally uploads all active Nexudus Customers to Square when the 'Upload all data' button is pressed

  • Transfer all products: optionally uploads all Nexudus Products to Square when the 'Upload all data' button is pressed

  • Location: selects the specific Square Location to use, once successfully signed in to Square

  • Status: displays the connection status to Square

  • (Re)connect with Square: displays the Square Integration login page

  • Upload all Data: Uploads and synchronises Nexudus Customers and/or Products to Square, depending on the Customer and Product toggles; a feature used for the Square ePOS app.

Connecting to Square

When connecting to Square, Nexudus will redirect to Square to be authenticated. Once logged in, Square will request permissions to give to the Space; all permissions are necessary for the Square integration to work. The permissions page will look similar to the following:

Square permissions

When the above permissions have been authorised, Square will redirect back to Nexudus, and the connection to Square is complete.

Setting the Location

Once back inside Nexudus, it is important that the correct Square "Location" is selected in the Dropdown menu, and the changes saved.

Exporting Customers and Products to Square (Square ePOS)

By clicking 'Upload all Data", Nexudus can upload all active Customers and Products to Square. 

For Products, this includes the prices from the system; it is advisable to ensure that the Prices are correct for Products in Nexudus, based on the Nexudus Tax Settings.

The time the data takes to fully upload will be dependant on how many Nexudus Customers and/or Products exist.
After you have done the initial upload, you can enable the option to upload individual products using the associated toggle in the details of each product in your inventory.


If the 'Upload all Data' feature is used, all individual Products and Customers will have their own individual Square synchronisation toggle set to be enabled.
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