Credit Types

Learn about the different types of credits in Nexudus.

You can make a booking with one of two credit types:‌

  • Money credit can be used to book certain resources or events.

  • Time credit can be used to book certain resources.

In Nexudus, money credit allows members and contacts to make bookings. You can add money credit to a plan or directly to a member or contact's account.‌

  • When you assign money credit by using a plan, any remaining credit is lost in the next renewal period of the plan.

  • Any money credit added directly to a member or contact's account remains available to the customer until they use it up. Customers can use it to book any available resource. As an administrator, you can limit the types of resource it can be used for and set an expiration date for the credit.

For example, you might use this feature to provide the following:‌

  • An annual plan that comes with $60 of money credit per month

  • A perk for new members that gives them $1000 of money credit valid for three months and that is only available on the meeting rooms that get the least amount of bookings

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