Jitisi provides secure remote conferencing services providing video conferencing and online meetings as a free open source solution

What is Jitsi?

Jitsi is a collection of free and open-source multiplatform voice, videoconferencing and instant messaging applications for the web platform, Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android.

How does Nexudus work with Jitsi?

Nexudus connects to Jitsi in two ways:

Always-on Virtual Rooms

Always-on Virtual Rooms enable your customers to quickly jump into a meeting without having to install any additional software. The virtual rooms are always ready to accept participants.

You can create any number of rooms and make those available to different types of customers as well as automatically provide a private room to each of your teams and even individual customers.

Virtual rooms in the members portal

Booking Video Conference Links

Enabling this option will generate a unique link along with each booking confirmation for each of your rooms. This link will be provided to the customer booking a room as well as to every guest or visitor who is invited as part of that booking. 

You can use the token {jitsi} in your email templates to include the unique video conference link.

Confirmation email

How to enable the Jitsi integration

To start using any of the functions described above, you must enable Jitsi in your account as a Nexudus Administrator.

  • If the side menu is not visible, click .

  • In the side menu, click Settings.

  • Under the Apps and integrations section, click Integrations

  • Scroll down to Video Conferencing and click Jitsi.

Jitsi logo

These are the three settings you want to be familiar with:

  • Include a video conference link in all booking confirmation emails. Enable this option if you would like to generate a unique video conference link and send that link as part of the confirmation email for each booking sent to customers and guests.

  • Enable Always-On Video Rooms. Enable this option to display the Virtual Rooms link in the Community section of your website so customers can access the Virtual Rooms you may have created. You must enable this option also if you just want customers to have access to their own private team Virtual Room.

  • Enable Always-On team Video Rooms: enable this option if you want to automatically provide a Virtual Room for each of the teams a customer is part of.

Upgrading your member's portal templates

If you opened your Nexudus account before the 5th of March 2020, you will need to update the files below in your templates.

You can update these files from the template editor.

  • header.htm

If you have modified the file above, the following patch files can be useful to know the changes we made to each of these files.

  header.htm patch file

header.patch - 1KB

Managing Virtual Rooms 

 Nexudus provides three types of Virtual Rooms.

Standard Virtual Rooms

Standard Virtual Rooms are Virtual Rooms an administrator creates and makes available to customers. This rooms can be managed from Community > Virtual Rooms.

Virtual Rooms can be made public, available to just members or to just contacts.

To create new Virtual Room follow this steps:

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .

  2. In the side menu, click Community, then click Virtual Rooms.

  3. At the top-right of the screen, click Add Virtual Room.

  4. On the page that is displayed, enter the relevant information as described below.

  5. Click Save.

Create a virtual room




A descriptive name to identify the Virtual Room. Customers will see this name listed in the Virtual Rooms section on the members portal


A description outlining what this Virtual Room is for


An image to display in the list of Virtual Rooms in your members portal. This image should be 720x540px or larger.

This Virtual Room is available to:

Controls what type of customers can see this Virtual Room listed on the members portal.


Controls if the Virtual Room is listed in your Members Portal and can be used.


Team Virtual Rooms

When the option Enable Always-On team Video Rooms is active in the Jitsi Settings, customers who are part of one or more teams will see a private room accesible only by members of those teams. These Virtual Rooms will always show before any other standard Virtual Rooms. 

  Nexudus generates a unique link for this room at midnight (local time) every day.

Choose your team virtual room 

Personal Private Room

When the option Enable Always-On private Virtual Rooms for members or Enable Always-On private Virtual Rooms for contacts is active in the Jitsi Settings, customers will be provided a personal virtual room they can access at any time.
Choose a personal private room
   The link for this room is always the same and based on the name of the customer. A password for the room is generated every time the room is launched.

Customers can then share access to this room with anyone else using the information panel displayed inside the room. Other participants will need the Jitsi link and the password to join the room.

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