Nexudus Members' Portal

Your Nexudus account comes with an admin panel and a members portal.

The website has a private area for members and contacts. They can use it to update or edit their profiles, check their bookings, pay pending invoices online, change their plans and buy additional products. To access the private area, members and contacts must sign in.

In the dashboard, you can limit what customers can do on the space website. For example, you could allow them to make bookings online, but prevent them from changing their membership plans. In a different scenario, you may want to have people signed up to your Nexudus account but without access to the private area of the website.

Learn about website configuration in Website.

Accessing the customer area

Customers can access their private member area by clicking My Account in the top menu of the space website. They must sign in with the username and password that was created when they signed up. They can also use their Facebook, Google or their own corporate account to sign in to the member area. If they do not have an account in your space, they can click Become a member to sign up.


The home screen for users that are not logged in shows basic information about your spaces, services plans and other products, providing detailed pricing and links to sign up and purchase any of those.. Once the user logs in to the members portal he is greeted with a brand new dashboard.

The dashboard will allow your customers to have a clear overview of what is going on in their account and their teams. They will be able to see upcoming bookings, a brief invoice overview, tickets, visitors and track their benefits all from a single page but also allow them to take action directly from these sections.

Customers will be able to interact with the community directly from the dashboard being able to keep up with the latest blog posts, events, and conversations they are a part of in the message board.


New dashboard  

My account



My account

Customers can update their personal details, add their profile photo and page cover, update their billing details and notifications settings, change their password and more. Read more about My account.

Plans and benefits

From the plan and benefits section, they can see their current plan details, cancel it or join a new one but in this section, they will also find their time and money credits summary, time passes or any additional product they might have. Read more about Plans and benefits.


Customer invoices will be in the billing section, they can pay any due invoice and update their payment details. Read more about Billing.

This sections allows customers to also see their upcoming invoices, download a full statement with all their transactions as well as to set Direct Debit and ACH agreements.


Customers can see a 12 month history of their own payments, bookings and access times as well as, if they are set as team administrators, for their entire team.

My bookings

Any upcoming booking will be displayed in this section. New bookings can also be placed from here. 

The connection to Zoom, Office 365 and Google calendar will need to be set up from this section. Read more about My bookings.

My team

Members and contacts set to pay for a team will have access to the "My team" section where they can edit the details of the team, invite new customers to their team as well as manage the access each member of the team has to the booking and events calendar, community boards and product purchases. Read more about My team.

My events

Customers can see any upcoming and past events that they are registered in or book new event tickets. Read more about My events.

My deliveries

Delivery information about new packages will be posted in this section. Read more about My deliveries.

My visitors

Customer can register new visitors and see any upcoming visitor details in this section. Read more about My visitors.



Customer account section


The community module helps customers engage with other members of the space privately or publicly, see your upcoming events and read your blog posts/articles. 




Helps your members find and communicate with each other, form communities or work together. Members can be filtered by skills as an easy way to find the relevant person.

Discussion Boards

are tools that encourage communication among members of your community. In this section, customers can start new conversations with each other and follow their past public or private discussions.  


are activities that take place in your space, such as seminars, workshops and talks. Customers can view and sign up for the events either searching by category or directly in the event section.


Also known as the blog, allows you to post information that is relevant to your space.

Virtual rooms

Virtual Rooms enable your customers to quickly jump into a meeting without having to install any additional software. The virtual rooms are always ready to accept participants.


Floor Plans

Floor plan items can now be linked to a resource and booked via the member’s portal. For example, a meeting room can be connected to a floor plan element to let the user see where it is physically in your space.

On the floor plan screen, customers can see the available offices, desks, hot desks and place the booking directly from the floorplan.


Booking from the floorplan  

  To learn how to connect the resources to the floor plan and the floor plan to the members portal follow this link 


Customers will are able to shop using a cart functionality which makes the sign-up, proposals and product purchase process familiar to most users. It will also help customers pick up where they left off if they began purchasing a product but never completed all the steps. As with any cart feature, they will be able to update the cart and add the discount code directly when purchasing any item.

Customers will add their bookings or other purchased items to the basket where they can review these and proceed to check out and payment.


Nexudus basket

Google Calendar

Customers can now connect their Google Calendar account so they can place and see their bookings directly in their Google calendar account.  


Google Calendar integration 

FAQ Articles

The frequently asked questions section allows your customers to see any information or guides you may want to share with them. This can be useful to publish your house rules, how to use your printers or guest WiFi network or simply to let them know your team.


FAQ section

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