Adding a new language

Learn how to replace language fragments and messages.

  The members portal supports several languages out of the box but you can also add your own languages or even customise the existing languages.

The language system is based on translation tokens. These are pieces of text, messages and paragraphs based on the English language. Each English token can have a translation for each of the languages you support.

The default set of language tokens for each language are found in Settings > Website > Languages.

The list of English Language tokens

You can edit each token individually by selecting a language and accessing the details of each token in the list. In addition to that, if you click on Language Details you can export and import a XML file with all your language tokens, which can be easier when translating many of them.

The token import/export function

Special Tokens

Some tokens are generated in the server-side and are not literally listed in your portal HTML files. These are typically error messages and other messages the Nexudus Platform generates based on specific conditions or the data of the user browsing the site. If you are building your own language files, you want to include these tokens in the file too. When the token has a placeholder like "{0}", your token should include the actual value you have configured for that resource.For example, if you have configured your resources to be booked for at least 60 minutes, the token "This resource must be booked for {0} minutes at least." should behave a nem of "This resource must be booked for 60 minutes at least.". You can translate that token into anything you want then, for example, "Please book this resource for an hour or more".
Token Name

This booking cannot be cancelled or changed less than {0} minutes from its start time.

This resource can only be booked in {0} minutes intervals.

This resource can only be booked for up to {0} minutes.

This resource must be booked for {0} minutes at least.

This resource cannot be booked less than {0} minutes from its last booking.

This resource can only be booked by members in the following price plans: {0}.

This resource can only be booked {0} hours in advance.

This resource can only be booked up to {0} hours before the booking starts.

This resource is not available to be booked at this time. Please choose another start and end times for the booking.

This resource can only be booked in the following shifts: {0}.

Member does not have a valid time pass to access this space now.

This account is currently inactive.

Invalid check-in card details

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