Customizing the Members Portal (Version 3 & 4)

Learn how you can customize version 3 and 4 of the Members Portal in Nexudus.

The Nexudus Members Portal

Your Nexudus account comes with a website to help members of the space book resources, see what's on the space, pay their invoices and much more. It also provides a set of functions to help you capture interest from potential members or let non-members book events, meeting rooms or day passes.

Default Nexudus member's portal home page

When you sign up, we provide you with a baseline look and feel. This is good enough to get things started, but soon you will probably want to change it and make it more personal and match your brand.

This hub provides information for those people willing to get their hands dirty and change the look and feel of the default theme.

Primary and Secondary Colors

To change the primary and secondary colors, access Settings > Website > Website defaults. 


Change your primary and secondary colours  

Enabling and Disabling Sections

You can turn the different modules on and off from Settings > Website > Features. 


Nexudus feature settings 

Sections Access

You can also control what type of customers can access the different sections of your portal following these steps


You can configure the fields and which ones are required for the different sign-up, profile and tour forms using these steps.  

How do I access the space website?

When you signed up, we asked you which URL would like to use for your space website. By default, we append "" to that URL to create the full address of your space website. For example, if you chose "kalkio" as your space URL, then the full address for your space website would be "".

This is so you can start using your space website straight away, but worry not!, you can use your own domain later on.

The fastest way of accessing your space website is clicking on the "globe" icon, on the top left-hand corner of the administration panel.


Advanced Changes

You can customise your Nexudus portal in more detail by accessing the code used in the different pages. There are three ways you can do this:

  1. Editing the app.js and styles.css filesUse this method when having to make minor changes to the portal. For example:
    • Altering the style of buttons, links, fonts, etc...
    • Injecting external javascript or css libraries.
    • Adding custom JavaScript code to available in every page.
    • Adding custom static HTML pages.

  2. Replacing or adding componentsUse this method if you want to create your own version of specific components in one or more pages. For example:
    • Replace the header section of every page with your own.
    • Replace the way member profiles are displayed on the site or what specific data is shared.
    • Add additional components to any page.

  3. Self hosting. Use this method when you need to host the members portal on your own infrastructure. For example:
    • You need to do a complete rewrite of all pages to apply radically different styles and layouts.
    • You want to use all or part of the portal features within your own marketing site or other platform features.

You can use the template editor to add your own CSS, Javascript or <head> tags to your pages as well the space dashboard and your invoices and customer statement documents.



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