Use the versioning system to build staging and acceptance environments to try changes in your portal before releasing out to the public.

Your Nexudus account comes with a website to help members of the space book resources, see what's on the space, pay their invoices and much more. You can edit the HTML, CSS and JS source code of this portal to make sure it looks and behaves exactly as you need it to.

If you are not yet open to the public, you are free to make changes to your live site as no users will be currently using it. Once you are up and running this is of course not an option.

To make sure you can make and test changes in your portal before it goes out to your members, you can create what we call "versions". A version of your portal creates a clone of all the pages in your website and lets you edit and browse them under a temporary URL.

Creating a Version

You can create a new version from Settings > Website > Templates > Open Template Files.

Click on Production and then on Create new version.

Create a new version

Provide a unique name for the version as well as a basic description of the changes you plan to implement.

Name your version

Click Save. When you do this, a copy of the currently selected version will be copied as files for the new version. This will include all Common Files and Custom Pages. 

  Images, videos, audio files and files in the Other Files section won't be duplicated when creating a new version. The new version can reference to the same exact files. If you want to version these files, use the file name instead.

Switching between Production and another Version

Once you have created a version, you can move between the different versions or the production site using the dropdown menu below:

Switching versions

  If you are using the Dropbox integration, files changed in a version will also be copied over to your Dropbox folder under a version_ folder.

Copying a Version to Production

Once you have tested and are happy with your versions, you can copy the files over to the Production site. This process is instantaneous but you want to do this when there is the fewest number of users in your site to minimise disruption to any transactions they may be making.

To copy a version to production, select that version and select Move to production

Move a version into production 
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