Google Calendar (two-way)

How to set up two-way calendar integration with google calendar.

By connecting your Google Calendar account with Nexudus, you can keep both booking calendars in sync all the time. This means that, when you create a booking in the Nexudus Calendar, it will show up on your Google Calendar and, when you create a booking in Google Calendar, it will be created in your Nexudus calendar.  

In addition to this, we will check if there aren't any conflicting bookings in Google Calendar before a new one is created in Nexudus. This enables you to use Google Calendar as a way to integrate with other booking providers, such as a LiquidSpace.

  Your customers cannot currently sync their personal google accounts with Nexudus.

How to set it up?

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .

  2. In the side menu, click Settings.

  3. In the Apps and integrations section, click Integrations.

  4. Scroll down to see the Other section.

  5. Click the Google Calendar icon.

  6. Click Connect with Google Calendar.

  7. Log in to your Google account.

  8. You will be asked to let Nexudus make changes to your calendar. You should click Accept. If you ever need to revoke this access, you can do this from here.

You will see a screen where you can manage which calendars are linked with which resources. 

Managing your google calendar integrations

Creating calendars in your Google calendar

You will need to create a new calendar for each of the meeting rooms. Each calendar in your Google Account must represent a single resource, you won't be able to link more than one resource to the same calendar. If you did so, we wouldn't know which room a booking is for when it is made directly in your Google Calendar.

To create a new calendar log in to your Google calendar account and from the left side of the screen other calendars section create a new calendar


Create a new calendar

Once the calendar is created go to settings and sharing and at permissions select make available to public or specific people. This will allow you to share the calendar to anyone having access to your google domain so other admins can make and see bookings


Change calendar permissions

  Google calendar will need to be integrated with Nexudus by the owner of the google account. Calendars will need to be created by the same admin.  

Allocating bookings

When you make a booking directly in Google Calendar, we will look at the email address of the first attendee (or guest) in that booking. We will try to look for someone in your Nexudus account with that email address and, if we find a match, we will allocate the booking to that person.

Bookings with no attendees or with attendees who are not registered in your Nexudus account will still be transferred but they will not be allocated to an individual (member or contact).

Changing resource synchronisation

If you need to change which calendars in your Google Calendar account get synchronized with calendars in your Nexudus account, you can do it by going to Settings > Integrations and clicking Connect with Google Calendar.

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