Google Calendar (two-way)

How to set up two-way calendar integration with Google Calendar.

About the Google Calendar integration with Nexudus 

Connecting your Google Calendar account with Nexudus helps you keep your booking calendars synchronized at all times.

This means that every booking you create in Nexudus will be added to one of your Google calendars and every booking you create in Google Calendar will be added to your Nexudus  bookings calendar.

Nexudus will also automatically check if there aren't any conflicting bookings in Google Calendar before adding it to your Nexudus bookings calendar. 

You can use Google Calendar as a way to integrate other booking providers such as a LiquidSpace.


  • You need an admin account to enable the integration of Google Calendar with Nexudus.
  • Calendar synchronization only applies to future bookings which means all past bookings will remain in their respective calendars.


How to set up the Google Calendar integration


The Google Calendar integration with Nexudus, including the creation of resource-specific Google calendars, must be carried out by the owner of the the Google account.

1 - Create dedicated Google calendars

Before integrating Google Calendar with Nexudus, you need to create Google calendars. Each resource from your space needs to have its own individual calendar. You need an individual calendar per resource in your space to ensure you can have simultaneous bookings for different resources, which wouldn't be possible if all resources were pooled in a single calendar.

This means that if you have three conference rooms and two studios in your space, your will need to add five separate calendars to Google Calendar.

To create a new calendar:

  1. Log in to your Google calendar account.
  2. On the bottom left panel, click the plus sign and then Create New Calendar.
  3. Name your calendar after the resource you want to link and click Create Calendar.


Create a new calendar

If more than one person manages you space, we recommend you add selected members of staff to the calendars so that they can add and edit bookings too.

To add people to your calendars:

  1. Click the three dots next to the calendar you want to share. 
  2. Click Settings and sharing.
  3. Add the people you want to share the calendar with in the Share with other people section and click Send.

  If the people you want to add to your calendar do not have an account linked to your Google domain, you'll need to make your calendar public in order to grant them creation and editing rights to the calendars.


Change calendar permissions


2- Enable the Nexudus integration with Google Calendar 

Once you've created individual calendars for your resources in Google Calendar, you can enable their integration with Nexudus. 

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .

  2. In the side menu, click Settings.

  3. In the Apps and integrations section, click Integrations.

  4. Scroll down to Other.

  5. Click the Google Calendar icon.

  6. Click Connect with Google Calendar.

  7. Log in to your Google account.

  8. Click Accept when Google prompts you to let Nexudus access your calendars. If you ever need to revoke this access, you can do this from here.

You can then assign your calendars to your Nexudus resources as shown below. 

Managing your google calendar integrations


Adding and editing bookings with the Google Calendar integration

From Google Calendar to Nexudus

When you make a booking from Google Calendar, Nexudus automatically picks up the email of the first guest added to the booking and looks for that email in your Nexudus account.

If the systems finds a customer's email that matches the guest email you added to the booking, we will allocate the booking to that customer.

If the system can't find a customer email match, it will still add the booking to your Nexudus account but the booking won't be allocated to a customer until you manually add them. 


From Nexudus to Google Calendar

Once you've enabled the integration, any bookings for a resource made by a customer or an admin in Nexudus will appear in Google Calendar. Any change made to a Nexudus booking will also automatically update the resource Google calendar.


Changing a resource's calendar

If you need to change which calendars in your Google Calendar account get synchronized with calendars in your Nexudus account, you can do it by going to Settings > Integrations and clicking Connect with Google Calendar.

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