Setting up Stripe

How to set up Stripe credit card and ACH payments

To set up the Stripe integration, go to Settings -> Payments -> Payment Methods screen, click on Stripe:

You will then need to type in your Stripe Secret Key in the Secret API key field, enable the first option as well as other options you need and click Save Changes: 

mceclip1.pngSetting up Stripe in Nexudus

You can then set your Stripe to be your default payment gateway for all new customers in Settings -> Payments -> Payment Methods . The Payment Method you need to select is Payment Gateway (auto-payment).


Select the Payment Gateway 

You can then test if the integration is working correctly by raising a test invoice and paying for it from My Account section on the members portal. 

Strong Customer Authentication

Learn about how SCA can affect you if you process payments within the European Union. 

In September 2019, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), a new regulation for authenticating online payments, will be rolled out across Europe, as part of the Second Payment Services Directive (PDS2).

One of the key aims of SCA is to reduce the incidence of payer fraud and increase security, by introducing two-factor authentication on electronic payments.

SCA comes into force on 14 September 2019, and will affect any applicable transaction for businesses whose payment service provider is located within the European Economic Area (EEA) and whose customer's bank or card provider is also located within the EEA. If only one of those parties is located within the EEA, the requirement is for them to still use 'best efforts' to apply SCA.

SCA outside of EU 

For customer who want to use the latest Stripe integration but are not located in the EU will need to disable 3D secure. 
In Settings-> Website-> Templates look for payment_script.html and remove line 71 and 72.
Disable line 71 and 72

Updating your account to use SCA

If you are using one of the gateways above already, you will need to update your template files to take advantage of the SCA integration. To do this follow these simple steps:

Updating your Template Files

  1. Log in to your Nexudus account at

  2. Go to Settings > Website > Templates > Open Template Files:

  3. Select the payment_scripts.htm file and click Update

  4. Select the payment_history.htm and click Update

  Using Stripe? If you are using Stripe you have to change from the "Stripe" payment gateway type to the "Stripe Payment Intents" gateway type. See below for more details.

Configuring Stripe for SCA

Create a webhook in Stripe

  1. Log in to your Stripe account.

  2. Go to Developers > Webhooks:

  3. In the section Endpoints receiving events from your account click Add Endpoint.

  4. In the URL type

  5. Select the following events: payment_intent.succeeded payment_intent.payment_failed payment_intent.amount_capturable_updated

  6. Click Add endpoint.

  7. Once the list updates, click on the new endpoint to see its details.

  8. In the URL of the page, copy the Id of the webhook. It starts with "we_", for example we_1FHtDTKn0mu1dsAxqEMGG8eS. You will need this later.

  9. Click on Click to reveal in the Signing secret section. Copy and save the secret. You will need this later.

  10. Once you have completed your testing of the new payment method, you can delete the old Stripe payment gateway.

Configuring your Nexudus Payment Method

  1. Log in to your Nexudus account at

  2. Go to Settings > Payments > Payment Methods:

  3. Search for "Stripe Payment Intents" and click on it.

  4. Type your Stripe Secret Key in the Login field.

  5. Type the Webhook Id you copied from the URL earlier in the Webhook Id field.

  6. Type Signing Secret you copied earlier in the Webhook Signing Secret field.

  7. Click Save changes.

Updating your Template Files

  1. Log in to your Nexudus account at

  2. Go to Settings > Website > Templates > Open Template Files:

  3. Select the payment_scripts.htm file and click Update

  4. Select the payment_history.htm and click Update

  5. Select the gateway_payment_form.htm and click Update

Stripe ACH

Stripe ACH allows customers to pay invoices with their bank accounts, currently this service is only available to for US based accounts.
Stripe ACH takes payments directly from a customer’s bank account to pay their Invoice. It currently only supports Stripe accounts that are based in the USA, and it will only successfully work with USA bank accounts.


Your location must be using the latest version of the following Website Template files.

You can find these files by going to Settings -> Website->Templates.

  • invoices.htm

  • my_account_navigation.htm

  • payment_history.htm

  • payment_scripts.htm



Setting up Stripe ACH Integration

To set up the Stripe integration, go to Settings -> Payments -> Payment Methods screen, click on Stripe (Stripe ACH)

Stripe ACH

First, enable the integration by switching the button from no to yes.

Connecting Stripe ACH

If you have not set up a Stripe account, create one here otherwise login into your existing account.

Logging in to Stripe
Once you are logged in, you can retrieve the Public (a.k.a Publishable) Key and the Private (Secret) key from the Developers -> API Keys section of the Stripe dashboard, and paste them into settings for Stripe on Nexudus.
Stripe API keys

Stripe ACH payment method can be set up as the default automatic payment method for a customer

Setting up Stripe ACH payments as a default payment method 

When choosing this payment method to receive funds from a customers bank account, the ACH payment may take between 5 to 7 working days to process. At the time the payment comes through as a success or a failure, the Invoice will be automatically updated to reflect the status.

How can your customers set up Stripe ACH to pay their invoices?

Once Stripe has been set up and has been Enabled, your customers can see the option to use Stripe ACH to pay for their Invoices.

There is a now a Stripe ACH Payments option under Billing

Accepting Stripe ACH agreement 

First you need to accept the Agreement above. Once you have accepted, you will need to provide your bank details.

Entering bank account details 
Once this step has been completed, you will then have to verify your Stripe bank account. Stripe does this by placing 2 small amounts in your bank account, and requires you to type these in to verify your account. These amounts may take a few days to appear in your account, the screen will remain unchanged until your verify your account.
Verifying bank account

Once the amounts have been verified, you will see this message

Bank account verified message

Stripe ACH can now be used for Invoice payments.

By clicking “Reset Account Details”, this will allow you to reset the payment method and go back to the first Agreement screen, allowing you to alter your account details. 

  You will need to accept the Stripe ACH Terms of Service for your Stripe account. If it's not accepted it will not let bank accounts be attached to Stripe customers, and therefore will not let them proceed to the next step. You will need to follow the instructions found in this article: 

Stripe and the Nexudus API

The Stripe ACH ‘back-end’ data can also be obtained through the Nexudus API if you wish to customize the Integration. There are 4 new associated objects, all part of Coworker (api/spaces/coworkers):

StripeACHBankToken: The bank token returned as part of providing the Bank Account details to Stripe.

StripeACHCustomerToken: The customer token associated with the Stripe account.

HasAcceptedStripeACHAgreement: The customer has agreed to the initial Stripe agreement that allows the Space to bill their bank account for invoice payments.

HasVerifiedStripeACHDeposits: The customer has successfully verified their bank deposits, and the ACH payment type can now be used for invoice payments.

The StripeACHBankToken and StripeACHCustomerToken setting can also be found in the member’s ‘Payment’ section on Platform

Stripe ACH fields in Account>Payments 
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