What is Xero?

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software. You can read more detailed information on Xero's website.

  Important. You must have API access setup on your user account to setup an integration with Xero. You can do this is Settings > Users and Security but clicking on the correct user's account, looking under Access and checking the box next to API access.

How can the integration between Xero and Nexudus help your space?

If you're using Xero in your coworking space, the integration allows you to export invoices created in your Nexudus account via the dashboard. 

Setting up your integration with Xero

To integrate Xero with your Nexudus account you first need to open an account on both platforms. If you still haven't opened a Xero account, you can test a trial version on the Xero website.

The next thing you need to do is set up a connection. You can do so by following these steps. On your Nexudus dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations and click on Connect with Xero.

You'll be redirected to the Xero log-in page. Enter your credentials.

Xero login screen

Then, you must give the Nexudus app authorisation to access your account. Both applications will now be connected and you'll be sent back to your Nexudus dashboard.

Authorization screen

How can I transfer an invoice from Nexudus?

Before you transfer an invoice to Xero, you must make sure that all of the Products, Plans, Charges and Passes that you're invoicing are assigned an account. If you haven't done so already, you can add as many accounts as you need via Finance > Chart of Accounts. All accounts created in Nexudus need to match exactly the accounts created in Xero.  The accounts that you've added will need to be of Sales type and can be assigned to the Products, Plans, Charges or Passes that you're going to invoice, by viewing their details and selecting them in the Account field.

You will need to map each item you sell to a tax and a chart of account from the Finance -> Tax rates/ Chart of accounts section: 


Map the tax rates


Map the chart of accounts

  • You must also create a payment account type that corresponds to the Bank account in Xero this is where your funds from Nexudus will channel. 


Create a payment type chart of account 

  • You will need to map the payment account type and default tax rate in Settings > Integrations > Xero"Payments account code"


Map the payment account and default tax rate to Xero integration

Default Tax Code: In this section, you must select a tax code from those available on Xero. This is for the invoices created on Nexudus, which apply the general tax rate set up on your account.

For more information about the tax rates available on Xero for this field, visit http://developer.xero.com/documentation/api/types/


Make sure there is a tax rate set up in Nexudus that corresponds to a tax rate in Xero.


Create the accounts and Tax rates in Xero

To be able to transfer the funds from Nexudus to Xero you will need to create the Bank Account which will need to be the exact same account as the payment account in Nexudus. To create the Bank account navigate to Accounting ->Chart of accounts-> Add Bank account


Add bank account in Xero

Next, you will need to create the chart of accounts and tax rates in Xero, these will need to be the same accounts you created in Nexudus.

To do so you will need to navigate to Accounting->  Chart of accounts/Tax Rates


Create Tax rates and chart of accounts


You can transfer an invoice to Xero via the following sections:

Go to the general invoice list and select the record(s) that you want to transfer to your Xero account and run Transfer to Xero from the More Actions... drop-down menu. A confirmation message will appear on the screen.

Transferring an invoice to Xero

The invoices will then be marked with the In Xero tag on the list.

Invoice tagged in Xero have been transferred

If you go to your Xero account, you'll see that the invoices imported correctly.

List of invoices from a Xero account

You can also export an invoice directly from the record's details. To do so, run the action Transfer to Xero from the More Actions drop-down menu.

Transferring to Xero using the more options menu

Setting up tracking categories in Xero and Nexudus

To sync Xero's tracking category to your Nexudus locations, the tracking category should be called "Location" in Xero and the values of that category must match the name of each location in Nexudus.

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