Opening and Managing your Reseller Account

Learn how to create and manage your own Reseller Partner Account

Opening a Reseller Partner Account

To open a Reseller Partner Account you have to have a Nexudus Admin account. If you need an account, reach out to the team to get one set up.

Once you have a Nexudus Platform account, follow the next steps.

  1. Log in with your Nexudus Platform details if you are not logged, otherwise click "Start".

  2. Enter your Reseller name. This could be your personal or trading name.

  3. Complete a basic bio about what services your company does. This may be published in our Reseller and Consultants page.

  4. Upload a picture of yourself and your company logo.

    1. Click "next".

  5. Enter your website, contact email and phone number.

    1. Click "next"

  6. Optional, provide up to two testimonials from previous work you have done.

    1. Click "next"

  7. Choose the currency you would like to be paid in. This must match the current of your Stripe account.

Connecting your Stripe Account

Once you have a Reseller account, you have to connect your Stripe account to receive your fees every month. You can do this from, by clicking on Connect to Stripe.


Payouts are amounts of money you have earned based on the commission for each of your customers as a Reseller. You will get a Payout a month. You can see all your Payouts here

Your Payouts section

You can review your commission percentage for each of your customers from the customer list here

Uploading paid invoices

When you have an approved Payout, you will need to provide an invoice for the exact amount and our details so we can pay you.

To upload an invoice follow the next steps:

  1.  Head to the list of Payouts

  2.  Click on the Payout you want to upload an invoice for.

  3.  Click on Upload file and select the PDF version of your invoice.

  4.  Click Save changes. 

image__1_.pngUploading paid invoices
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