My Team

This page can be used by paying customers in a team to manage the details and members of that team.
Members and contacts set to pay for a team will have access to the "My team" section where they can edit the details of the team, invite new customers to their team as well as manage the access each member of the team has to the booking and events calendar, community boards and product purchases.

image__80_.pngThe team details section 

image__81_.pngThe team profile section 

Customer Access

From this section of the "My team" page, a paying customer can invite new members to the team as well as manage the access they have individually.

Clicking "Manage account" will let team administrator and team paying customers to access their colleague account and manage it on their behalf to place bookings for them (i.e. as an office administrator), cancel their plan or change their details.

You can configure the default access for new customers from Settings > Website > Access.

mceclip1.pngManaging team members and customer access

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