KPI reports

Bookings - Resource Usage

Shows data about the revenue made from the resources available in your space, compared to the number of hours booked, filtered by the date range selected.

  Only charged bookings are included in this report.

Bookings - By Weekday

This report shows the total number of bookings for the weekday and the resources used during the selected date range. This report lets you check the most popular days and resources in your space.

Bookings - By Time of Day

This report provides data on the usage and revenue connected to the resources available in your space at certain times of the day for the date range selected. It lets you see the times that your rooms are most profitable and popular. This report displays columns for each weekday and the number of bookings and average revenue for each weekday. The time periods in this report are 1-hour blocks, from 8 am to 6 pm. Bookings made before 8 am are shown in the < 8 row. Bookings made after 6 pm are shown in the > 6 row.

Bookings - Avg. Revenue per Hour

This report shows you the average revenue per hour for the resources available in your space within the date range specified.

Bookings - User Type

This report shows data on the type of users that make bookings in your space. It also shows if the bookings are made by using the space website (online) or from the dashboard (offline).

Bookings - Resource Usage and Rev.

This report shows a bar graph with total revenue for all resources by month and the total hours of resources booked for the selected date range.

Bookings - Weekdays

The total bookings and revenue per weekday are shown in the bar graph for the date range selected.

Bookings - Weekdays & Resource

This report shows the total number of booked hours for each resource against each weekday during the time period selected as a filter.

Revenue - By Space

When you manage more than one coworking space from your Nexudus account, this report shows you the total revenue for bookings for the space and date range selected.

  You can select the space from the drop-down menu at the top of the report.
Selecting your Nexudus space




Drop-down list containing the spaces you manage


Revenue - By Month

This is an itemized report of the total revenue for each of the price plans available in your space for the date range selected.

Revenue - Monthly by Account

In Nexudus, accounts are used to group together different revenue sources in your space. This report gives you detailed information on the revenue in the different accounts.

Contracts Revenue

A report that shows the inventory usage defined in your contracts.

mceclip0__8_.pngContracts Revenue part 1

mceclip1.pngContracts Revenue part 2

Churn Rate - Monthly

Monthly and quarterly churn rate reports include really valuable information that lets you find out how your space is growing and performing. This month's report offers data like the Churn Rate, Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Contracts at the Beginning of the Period (CABOP), and Churn Rate/MRR Churn.

Churn Rate - Quarterly

This report gives the same information as the one before but on a quarterly basis.

Churn Rate - Chart

This chart shows the churn rates for your space during the date range, by month.

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