Checkins reports

Total Check-ins by Member

These reports show the total number of member check-ins summarised in:

  • Days

  • Minutes

  • Hours

  • Average hours per day

mceclip1.pngTotal Check-ins by Member

Check-ins by Date

This report displays a bar chart showing the number of check-ins per day for the selected date range.

Check-ins by Date and Member

This report shows detailed data about the check-ins made each day, listing the people who accessed your space, including their full name, team, price plan, check-in and check-out times and the duration of their stay for the date range selected.

Check-ins By Member

This report gives data on each member that accesses the space for the date range you set in the filter.

Time of Day

This report displays a chart that shows you the time of day that most check-ins occur in your space for the date range selected.

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