Managing Users

Nexudus allows you to control what degree of access users will have to your administration panel.

About user accounts

In Nexudus, there are two types of user account:

  • People with admin user accounts have full access to the system and can view, add, edit and delete elements from the dashboard sections; they are typically employees or contractors who manage your space

  • People with standard user accounts are typically customers; they can log in to the portal, allowing them to make bookings and payments, but they cannot access any administrative functionality

Employees or contractors who manage the space will generally have admin-level user accounts. 

  Customers that you have added in the admin panel do not have user accounts by default. If you want to set up a user account for them, you must enable the option Send a welcome message to each customer with their access details when adding a customer.

You can also create a user account for a customer at any time by clicking next to the customer and then selecting Create User Account.

Your members and contacts will usually have standard-level user accounts, which allow them to log on to the portal to make bookings and pay invoices. A user account is set up automatically for a member or contact when they register on the space's web site, and they will receive a welcome email. If for any reason, you wanted to prevent a member or contact from having access to the portal, you would de-activate their user account.

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