NexIO is a mobile app that allows members to check-in.

NexIO by Nexudus is an app available on iOS and Android. The app is a part of your Nexudus subscription and is a no-cost option to you. 

  For devices running Android versions below 6.0

Changes to the Play Store device verification mean you might not be able to download the app, due to an error message saying it is not compatible with your device. If this happens, you will have to download the APK for the app directly from services like APKPure or APKCombo.

What is NexIO by Nexudus?

NexIO is a companion app for your Nexudus account.

It lets you use a tablet device to collect visitor information as well as to let members check-in and out of the space. Visitors can notify their hosts as they arrive at the space.

How does NexIO by Nexudus work?

To start using NexIO you will need to first install the app.

Once you have installed the app, launch it and you will be presented with a login screen.

NexIO login screen

  You must use a full admin user account to access this app. You can create an admin account if you don't want to use your own existing admin account.


NexIO check-in screen

  For iOS tablets, turn off the auto lock feature in Settings -> Display & Brightness to ensure your tablet stays on when displayed.

Visitor Check-in

The visitor check-in and registration is a feature the NexIO app. It lets a visitor either check-in using a 5 digit pin-code they were sent by email when they were pre-registered by an admin or a member or when they register as a walk-in visitor. In both cases you can set Nexudus to notify the visited member or contact.

Pin-code Check-in

NexIO pin code check-in

Personal details

NexIO user details screen
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