NexIO is a mobile app that allows members to check-in.

nexio.png            NexIO by Nexudus is an app available on iOS and Android.

NexIO is included in your Nexudus subscription at no additional cost. 

For devices running Android versions below 6.0

Due to changes to Play Store device verification you may not be able to download the app. If you get an error message saying your device isn't compatible with the app, you nee to download the APK for the app directly from services like APKPure or APKCombo.

What is NexIO by Nexudus?

NexIO is a Nexudus app that lets members and registered visitors check in and out of the space using a tablet. It also collects the details of walk-in visitors and notifies their hosts when they arrive at the space.

Setting up NexIO by Nexudus 

Before you start, make sure you have:

  • Created an admin account in Nexudus just for the app.

We advise you create a full unrestricted admin account for the app to ensure it runs independently from any admin staff in your space. This ensures that even if an admin leaves your team or resets their password, it won't affect NexIO.   

  1. Install NexIO on your iOS or Android tablet.
  2. Open the app on your tablet and log in using the admin credentials you've created for the app.
  3. Select your space location.
NexIO login screen

NexIO is now ready for customers to use. 

NexIO check-in screen

  For iOS tablets, turn off the auto lock feature in Settings > Display & Brightness to ensure your tablet stays on when displayed.

Checking in with NexIO

Customers can check in with NexIO either using their PIN code or using the Passport app. 

Checking in via PIN code

Members and contacts can type in the PIN code associated to their account. If they don't know their PIN code, they can find it by going to My Account > Passwords on the members portal. You can also find in on the admin portal by going to the Services tab on their account's page. 

Visitors that were registered in Nexudus by an admin or a member can check-in just like members and contacts, using a 5 digit pin-code they received via email. As they check in, their host will receive a notification that lets them know they've arrived.


NexIO pin code check-in

Checking in via the Passport app

Members and contacts can also check in on NexIO using the Passport app if they have it on their phone. All they need to do is open the app on their phone and hold it next to the tablet to be checked in. 

 The Passport app needs access to your location in order to use this feature. If you haven't allowed the Passport app to access your location when opening the app for the first time, go to the Settings app on your mobile device and edit the Passport app permissions to allow location access.

Visitor check-in

Registered visitors can check-in using the PIN code they received via email. Walk-in visitor can also check in if they fill in the personal details form including the member they are visiting.

NexIO user details screen

In both cases, Nexudus will notify the member or contact linked to that visitor.

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