Pay As You Go (PAYG) settings

How to enable PAYG (Pay As You Go) for your location.

Enabling Pay As You Go

Use this procedure to make the Pay As You Go available:

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .

  2. In the side menu, click Settings.

  3. In the Features section, click Check-In system.

  4. Click Pay As You Go.

  5. Set Enable pay as you go access to YES.

  7. If you do not want to charge for any booking time used on the PAYG pass, select Exclude time used in bookings when calculating how long users were checked in.

  8. If you want to apply a daily price cap for the PAYG session, specify it in Maximum daily price. This is the maximum amount that can be charged per day for the PAYG pass.

  9. Click Save changes.

Pay as you go settings

Pay As You Go Passes

Once the Pay As You Go settings have been enabled, you can create one or more passes. You can mark each pass you create as to be used when members and/or contacts check in and they don't already have a valid time pass for the time they are checking in.

If several passes are valid at the time a customer checks in, we will always use the cheapest pass available based on their price per minute. The price per minute is calculated by dividing the total number of minutes a pass has, divided by the price of the pass. For example, if a pass has 60 minutes in it and its price is $20, the price per minute would be $20/60 = $0.33 per minute.

You cannot use "calendar day" passes as your pay as you go passes. Read more about pass types

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