Configuring access rights

You can configure the access rights for every website section you have chosen to display.

Default Customer Access

This section lets you control what access new customers have by default as they are registered in your account. By default, all these options are enabled.

When a new customer is registered, either from the administration panel or then members portal, their access to the sections below will be set based on the settings in this setting section.

Default customer access settings

Existing customers each have a section in their profile that will control their individual access. This means these settings act as default values for new customers. Existing customers have each their own set of settings, so changing the settings in this section won't affect the access for existing customers.

If you want to change the access a specific customer has, use the Account > Services > Customer Access section in that customer's details page.

Customer-specific access details

Website sections

For information on controlling which website sections are visible, see enabling and disabling sections.

Website access settings 




Click Settings, then Website


Click the Access tab

To configure access rights

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .

  2. In the side menu, click Settings.

  3. In the Features section, click Website.

  4. From the list of tabs, click Access.

  5. Select the appropriate access level each individual section or for the whole space website. For each, you can select one of the following rights:

    • Public

    • Logged in user

    • Members only

    • Contacts only See the table below for more information.

  6. Click Save changes  

Access right



Everyone who visits the site can access the section.

Logged in user

Only logged-in users can access the section.

Members only

Only space members can access the section.

Contacts only

Only space contacts can access the section.

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