What is Envoy?

Envoy is the easiest way to sign in visitors, collect guest information, capture their photos and have them sign legal documents - all on the Ipad 

How does Envoy work with Nexudus?

Envoy will receive periodically all your members and contacts and will set them up as what Envoy calls Employees. Employees can accept and host visitors at any point. We will update the Employee list in Envoy every 60 minutes approximately.

Please note that, when you connect Nexudus to Envoy, your Employee list in Envoy will be replaced by your list of Active Members and Contacts.

In addition to that, Nexudus will send visitor information from Envoy when these visitors are registered by members from their account, as part of a booking. Visitors registered by admins will be sent to Envoy if they have an Expected Arrival Time and a host for the visitor has been selected.

Configuring the Envoy integration

  Important: You will need your Envoy API Key from https://dashboard.envoy.com/settings/account.
  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .

  2. In the side menu, click Settings.

  3. Under the Apps and integrations section, click Integrations.

  4. Scroll down to Other and click Envoy.

  5. Set Enabled to YES and enter your API key.

If you want to replace all your Envoy Employee list right away with the list of members and contacts, click Import Envoy employees.

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