Making a Test Payment

Test the configuration of your payment gateway.
Firstly, you must be sure that you've configured a Payment Gateway. If you still haven't done so, you can set one up via Settings > Payments -> Payment Methods. Once you've configured a payment gateway, you may want to test the gateway to make sure that it works properly.

In this example, we're going to test the Test gateway to see how it works:

  • Add a charge of $1: A simple way to test the gateway is to add a charge to a customer and invoice it. Note: charges under this amount can be rejected as fraud by payment gateways.

First, search for the customer that you're going to add the charge to via Operations > Members & Contacts > Individuals.

Searching for a customer
  • Go to the Charges tab, and click on the Add Charge button. You just need to fill in the description and Price.
Adding Charges to a customer account
  • Now, click for more options and select invoice charges
Using the more options menu to invoice a charge

It will then be available on the member/contact's online account, where they will be able to pay it. You can see the invoice that you've just added in the Payments section. Click on the Pay with card button to complete the test payment.

members portal billing section

  Remember that the payment will actually be made because the test gateway is real. You can always reimburse the payment later via using Nexudus.

Enter your card details and checkout
  • Enter the payment details and a valid credit or debit card. Then, click on the Pay with Card button to finish the process.

A message will appear on the screen confirming the payment. Go to the invoice list via the dashboard, and you'll see that the invoice's status is marked as Paid.

If you need to reimburse this test payment, you can do so via the More Actions drop-down menu by selecting Refund Invoice.

Refund an invoice

You'll now see that the payment is marked as Refunded.

Lastly, remember that to make a test payment you need to have a Payment Gateway integrated with your Nexudus, a due invoice and a valid credit or debit card.

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