Learn more about GoCardless and how to enable it in Nexudus. 

GoCardless is a payment provider that allows your member to set up direct debit mandates online. 

You need to enable the payment gateway in every location where you want to use GoCardless. We recommend you use the same GoCardless account across network locations.

For example, if you manage a network with three locations, you should enable GoCardless three times using the same GoCardless account across locations. 

  Nexudus never stores your customer bank details.
All communications with our servers use industry standard encryption, but Nexudus always relies on the payment provider to store this sensitive information.

GoCardless Features

  • Country availability: United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia
  • Currencies: GBP, EUR, AUD
  • Transaction limit: £/€5,000 and AU$10,000
    You can increase this transaction limit by getting in touch with the GoCardless customer support team
  • Automatically collects payments: Yes
  • Automatically pays invoices after successful transactions: Yes
  • Reminds members to pay invoices: Daily reminder to set the agreement.

 GoCardless charges transaction fees. For more information, visit gocardless.com/pricing.

Enabling payments via GoCardless

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click the .
  2. Click Settings > Payments > Payment Methods.
  3. Click GoCardless in the Available Payment Gateways section.
  4. Set the Enabled toggle to YES.
  5. Choose to let only members, only contacts or both use GoCardless by setting each toggle to YES or NO
  6. Click Connect with GoCardless.
    You are redirected to the GoCardless login page.
  7. Log in to your GoCardless account. 
    You are redirected to your Nexudus account. 
  8. Click the cross icon in the top right corner of the GoCardless integration page. 

You've successfully enabled the GoCardless integration in Nexudus. You are now able to process payments from members, contacts or both as defined in the integration's settings. 

Using GoCardless

Once enabled Nexudus generates an email with a link to setup the direct debit agreement for the members with unpaid invoices. If the member accepts the agreement you will see their contract number in the “GoCardless Contract Number” in their Account > Payments section.

Once the agreement is in place, Nexudus Spaces will request funds from the member’s bank account. Direct Debit transactions take from 5 to 7 days to be processed. You can see all this process happening in the invoice notes.

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